School closures – Coronavirus

Dear Colleague

Today the First Minister announced that it is inevitable that mainstream schools will shut. The assumption is that they will be closed by the end of the week. What’s more, the First Minister has said that she cannot promise that schools will reopen before summer.

As a parent, I appreciate the disruption this may cause for colleagues who have children in city schools and further afield. I also very much appreciate the uncertainty this creates around future domestic arrangements.

However, I think I speak for everyone when I say that with respect to schools the priority must be the health and welfare our children, and that must come first when deciding the next steps. In particular, we need to give thought to how we protect the most vulnerable members of our communities and enable the ongoing delivery of vital services.

The Council will continue to follow government guidance, and we await an update tomorrow. As I write colleagues in education and other services are working on measures to keep children and indeed the wider community safe in what is an evolving situation. We are also looking for ways as an employer to support staff who have children of school age in the weeks ahead.

These are unprecedented times, not just for families, but for everyone. I thank you for your continuing support will update you when we have more details.

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