Could we be council of the year?

At the start of January I announced that we had been shortlisted by the LGC awards for awards in three categories:

  • Campaign of the Year
  • Community Involvement
  • Council of the Year

For the first two nominations, colleagues visited London last week to deliver their pitch and answer judges’ questions. You can read more about their experience below.

For Council of the Year, we had the exciting and daunting experience of live judging this week! We welcomed three judges to our city and showcased some of the great things we’ve achieved together over the past 12 months.

The LGC Awards celebrate excellence in local government. Click the image above to see the final shortlist for 2020.

In preparing for their visit, I was honoured to be reminded of all the amazing work we do across the city. At the forefront of our bid for Council of the Year is the story of us, the employees of Aberdeen City Council, and of what we collectively achieve when we pull together as one team. It’s the story of how we’re building communities with communities, working together in partnership to make things better and helping everyone to prosper.

I would like you to join me in this celebration by visiting the photo gallery, which we used as part of the judges’ visit. It has been reassembled for you on the Lower Ground Floor of Marischal College outside the glass lifts and will remain there until Friday 7th February. I encourage you to take a look, you’ll probably see some familiar faces!

Being one of six finalists for Council of the Year – and the only one in Scotland – is an accolade in itself and I know that whatever the final decision in March, we can all take a huge amount of pride in being in the running for such prestigious awards. We all play our part.