Support for Orchard Brae on improvement journey

On the agenda for the Education Operational Delivery Committee meeting this week there was a very important report on Orchard Brae School.

As I touched upon at the time, the school community had a difficult summer following a report by Education Scotland which highlighted a number of improvement areas.

The school had already embarked on a programme of important steps, with the support of our central team and in line with the established Quality Assurance approach, prior to the inspection and the subsequent findings.

Since then that improvement journey has continued and the report to committee on Tuesday underlined some of the areas of development that have been addressed and the determination to continue to build on what has been delivered to date.

Education Scotland made a return visit in September and noted the significant progress that has been made.

I have had the pleasure of visiting Orchard Brae for various events and have always found it to be an incredibly inspiring school with a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. I look forward to my visits and to the warmth of the welcome from pupils and staff alike.

Even when faced with the scrutiny generated by the inspection report, the togetherness within the Orchard Brae team and wider school community never wavered and I want to take the opportunity to thank staff, pupils and parents for the way they have worked together to respond to the inspection and look to the future with such positivity.