New Year: Hogmanay cheer and 2018 health focus

With everyone settling back into the work routine after the festive break, I want to take the opportunity to thank all those involved in the success of the city’s Hogmanay celebrations.

Music, fireworks and a great atmosphere ensured the event was a triumph and there has been plenty of positive feedback. As ever, months of planning and hard work was put in behind the scenes by Council staff – not to mention the efforts in the build-up and on the night. The teams responsible gave those who attended a great start to the year.

Thanks also go to everyone who worked through the holidays or who was on-call across a variety of other services. The work of the Council never stops and that is down to the contribution of colleagues in so many different roles.

Staying on the New Year  theme, everyone at the Council has the opportunity to make 2018 a positive one when it comes to health and wellbeing through the work of HR colleagues in providing access to a WellPoint kiosk.

The free to use kiosk can measure everything from weight and BMI to blood pressure and heart rate – with all results confidential. There are touch screen questionnaires that help to ensure the right signposting to health and lifestyle advice and support is provided.

The kiosk has been in place on the lower ground floor at Marischal College since yesterday (9 January) and will be available for the next four weeks. It will then be at West Tullos from 20 March and Altens East from 3 April, for two week spells at each, then a month at Kittybrewster from 29 May before moving on to various secondary schools.

We all tend to start the year with great intentions when it comes to health and wellbeing, so this is a good tool that’s available to us. Hopefully the kiosk will be well used.

I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year.