Aberdeen primed to respond to winter weather

As winter begins to bite, it’s an appropriate time to make mention of the great planning and preparation behind the city’s response to the worst of the elements.

A stockpile of 11,726 tonnes of salt is in place and a well-drilled team of 90 staff ready to swing into action and deliver on a commitment to treat almost half of the city’s roads before 7.30am. Last week’s flurry of snow and ice gave an idea of what is to come and the efficient way in which we’ll respond.

The 2017/18 winter maintenance campaign was launched last month, including details of the plans to treat pavements and cycle paths.

We have 560 miles of roads in the city and keeping traffic moving 24/7 is a real challenge when the Scottish winter really kicks-in. Our teams keep a close eye on the long and short-term forecasts and it is a sophisticated approach.

I’ve got enormous respect for all those who work on our teams in some of the harshest conditions imaginable each year and I take great reassurance from the experience and skills that we call upon.

In advance of the operation getting into full flow, my thanks go to all those involved, Of course we may get a lovely mild winter and last week’s cold snap was just a blip – but I wouldn’t be shouting that prediction from the rooftops! Instead we’ll prepare for the worst and hope for the best, with the knowledge that the Council is primed and ready to respond.