Fantastic Teamwork

A short note to put on record my appreciation of the work undertaken recently by colleagues from across the Council on two big projects – one planned, one definitely not.

The response by the Council team working in partnership with others following the fire at Froghall Gardens to deal with its impact on residents was an excellent example of joint working under the pressure of an emergency situation. I know the team has started to debrief and identify lessons learned, but in the meantime a huge thank you to each and every one of the individuals who came together to do the very best they could for the individuals affected.

At the same time, we should also celebrate a project where months of planning and preparation came to fruition in spectacular fashion with huge public success.  SPECTRA draws on expertise from across the Council and partner organisations and this year’s festival drew huge crowds over the four nights it was presented in the city centre.  Again, massive thanks to everyone involved.