Employee Opinion Survey 2016

The report setting out the results of the Employee Opinion Survey we undertook in the autumn last year has now been published and is available through a link on the Zone.

I’m really pleased to see so many more staff completing the survey compared to 2014 – we more than doubled our response rate.

I’m also particularly delighted with the engagement score which shows a significant overall increase from 42% to 49% in the level of staff feeling engaged in the organisation. Whilst a movement from 42% to 49% might not seem a huge remember, of course it’s 49% of the much larger number of staff who replied to the survey this time round.

While we should celebrate the successes set out in the report, at the same time we need to be mindful that there is still work to be done.  Senior managers have met to discuss some of the corporate actions we intend to take and I’ll keep you updated as they develop.  But let’s be honest, all of us have an important role to play in building on the areas where we’re doing well and addressing those which require action.  Together we all work for the Council and together we all have an interest in making it an even better place to work.

You’ll have your own ideas of how we can improve the way we do things and I strongly encourage you to make sure your suggestions are heard.  You can either do this through your line manager or directly onto the Ideas Hub.  Once all the feedback received has been collated you’ll have the opportunity to confirm the proposed actions before they are implemented.

I look forward to working with staff, managers and Trades Unions in continuing to develop a culture which ensures we are best placed to meet the strategic objectives of the Council in serving the people of Aberdeen.

Future blogs will highlight the work that’s going on in relation to the Council’s strategic plan, in the meantime I urge you to read the survey report and provide your feedback on it.