Glitter Pick

Following yesterday’s CMT meeting at Hazlehead Park there was time for a quick photo in support of the Council’s Glitter Pick Clean Up Aberdeen 2016 campaign:


Every team should take the opportunity to get involved, further information below:

Scotland has a litter problem. Householders and landowners spend significant sums of money clearing mess from their own land, and Scotland spends at least £75 million of public money on litter and flytipping each year. Furthermore, with tourism worth over £4bn a year to Scotland, and scenery and landscape being given as the number one reason for visiting Scotland, the consequences of mess are clear.

Clean Up Aberdeen is Aberdeen’s campaign to involve everyone living, working and visiting in action against litter and mess. Aberdeen City Council spends over £4 million on clearing litter from Aberdeen’s streets and open spaces. Everyone must work together to end this.

Our campaign sees a series of planned events led by inspired and passionate people from all places and all backgrounds that want a beautiful and litter free Aberdeen. Why not register for a Clean Up of your local community with friends and family, work colleagues or your community group.

Clean Ups are great fun and make a noticeable difference to areas.

Aberdeen City Council, Environmental Services can lend you litter picking tongs, high viz vests, gloves and black bags and will uplift the collected rubbish. All you have to do is pick and bag the litter. For more details, or to get help organising an event call 03000 200 292, or email 

Take a look at Clean up Aberdeen on facebook