Changing the City

I was delighted to attend the opening yesterday of the new bridge across the Don.

The Diamond Bridge is another fine example of the team work necessary across the Council to achieve the delivery of major projects that make a significant change to the City.  Having the bridge and its related infrastructure designed, built, completed and opened has involved many teams from within the Council’s Roads Service as well as colleagues from Estates, Finance, Legal, Human Resources, ICT, Housing, Planning and Environmental Services.

Of particular note have been the efforts of Tom Rogers (now retired), Mike Matheson, Ian Taylor, Alex Macrae, Stuart Allan, Khalid Abdalla, David Salmon and Katherine Duncan.  Thank you to you all.

Perhaps not the most obvious thought to have occurred while at the opening yesterday, but I did reflect that alongside major physical projects such as the new bridge the Council’s work in introducing the Reclaiming Social Work programme will also have a profound impact on the City and the people who live here.  I’ll update you more in future blogs on the progress with the programme.

Its testament to the diversity of the Council’s responsibilities and the services we together deliver that we are involved in so many ways across the City in leading changes to the place and for the people.