Thank You

I was really pleased to accept an invitation to attend the launch last week at the Town House of the Housing Service Review Group’s report on the Council’s Housing Management Service.

The Group represents tenants, owners and others and is passionate about the services they receive from the Council and are really keen to work with us positively to ensure that improvements are made and continue to be made.  I am delighted to say that the Council team matches their enthusiasm for this partnership approach.

A big thank you is due to Paul McMenemy who chairs the Group and his colleagues Leonara Montgomery, Jim Galbraith, Betty Simpson, Agnes Murray, James Carroll, Rita Buchan, Florence Cal-Anglia, Edith Alexander, Norma Groves and Pearl Smart.  I must also put on record my appreciation of the work undertaken by Carol Hannaford on behalf of the Council team in providing the link between us and the Group.