Dee and Don Flooding

We’re all aware that as the Council’s efforts to address the flooding issues faced by the City last week progress from Response to Recovery it may be many days, if not weeks before we can safely say that the incidents that began to unfold last Thursday are finally over.  I understand this and thank those colleagues who continue to work to ensure a return to normality in the affected areas.  I also appreciate that for those individuals and families who have had property damaged and in many cases lost valued possessions recovery will be a much longer process, the Council will play a role in thin is whatever way we can.

However, I wanted to mark the start of the new working week by paying tribute to all those involved to date in what proved to be a very challenging set of circumstances.  It’s the nature of my job that, at least in the initial stages of such events, I spend my time “back at base” with key directors, heads of service and service managers.  I am extremely grateful to all those senior managers involved in coordinating with me the Council’s response.  But they like me are only too well aware that the delivery of the response, the service received by the people of Aberdeen from their Council at such a difficult time, relied entirely on the efforts of many dedicated colleagues from throughout the Council who worked across the City for many, many hours.  I pay tribute to each and every one of them and I am incredibly proud to lead the organisation of which they are part.

I think we all recognise that the scale of the flooding impact felt in Aberdeenshire is of a different magnitude to that felt in the City, notwithstanding the fact that those affected here have still suffered losses and disruption.  I am sure I can count on your support in offering any assistance needed to our colleagues at Aberdeenshire Council.  We stand ready to help if required.

I am certain that they all share with me and with the ECMT the desire to ensure that we always do the very best that we can for the people of Aberdeen and as a result we will together learn lessons, both within the Council and across the partnership of agencies which jointly responded to the incident, to ensure that the next we face such a challenge we do even better for those we serve.

In the meantime, a heartfelt thank you to all for everything that has been to tackle what the weather threw at us last week.