Corporate Governance

Following up on my blog of Wednesday about the appointments of Simon and Fraser, I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know about changes to the interim arrangements within Corporate Governance pending the recruitment and selection process for a new Director being started again later this month.

From 30th April I will take on the role of Acting Director of Corporate Governance, providing both strategic direction for the Service and the interface between it and the elected members.  I must take this opportunity to thank Ewan Sutherland for all his work in the Acting Director role, he has gone ‘above and beyond’ in all he has done.  In May he will resume his vital work as Head of Human Resources, Organisational Development & Customer Services.  Thanks are also of course due to Jeff Capstick and Mike Lawson for their work in covering for Ewan while he was away from the HR team.

Jacqui McKenzie and Martin Murchie will continue in their interim roles covering the vacant Head of Customer Service and Performance post until Simon Haston’s arrival as Head of IT & Transformation at the start of May.  Again, thanks to them for all their work.

Fraser Bell takes up post as Head of Legal & Democratic Services at the end of July.  In the interim, Craig Innes will provide strategic managerial direction to Legal & Democratic Services and will also act as the Council’s Monitoring Officer.  In the interim  period the four Service Managers in Legal & Democratic Services will act up in the duties of the Head of Service specific to each of their posts as set out in Standing Orders, the Scheme of Delegation and the job profile.  In addition Alyson Mollison will act as Clerk to the Licensing Board and Karen Donnelly will act both as Appointed Person for the Pensions Scheme and as Data Controller.

My thanks to all colleagues for their support in putting these arrangements in place.