An opportunity to show our support for festive food drive

A shorter than normal post from me today – I think the poster below speaks for itself, a timely reminder that this time of year can be so difficult for so many people in our city and across the country.

Nobody should be going hungry, nobody should be worrying about where the next meal will come from. Unfortunately the reality is it is happening every day for thousands of individuals and families.

That type of inequality is magnified over the festive period and I made mention in a recent blog post of the stresses and strains that Christmas can create in so many different ways.

Our teams have different roles to play in supporting and caring in times of need, but we also rely on our valued third sector partners as part of that vital network.

The Council supports CFINE’s work in tackling food poverty, including through funding, but we have the opportunity to contribute on a personal level through the crates that will be in place in kitchens in Marischal College from Monday.

Every donation is welcome and I know our staff always give generously. Thank you in advance for your support and for making a difference this Christmas.

CFINE Poster