Launch of new intranet marks fresh approach to communication

You will notice a significant positive change when you open up your web browser for the first time this morning, with the launch of our new intranet. 

The fresh, clean and intuitive site has been designed as part of the wider work to improve internal communication and engagement. My thanks go to Isla Newcombe and Andrew Howe and their teams, with Paula FullertonDamien Bird and Chris Sellar central to this workstream. 

Utilising Office 365 and representing another benefit of our collaboration with Microsoft, the new intranet is a SharePoint platform and incorporates a number of new features that will help foster the two-way communication that is so important to us as we evolve.  

In particular, the introduction of Yammer will allow colleagues from all parts of the Council to engage with each other in an open forum that will encourage innovation and collaboration.  

I’d encourage everyone to embrace the opportunities Yammer presents and at the same time reiterate the importance of upholding our guiding principles. In particular, we should always be respectful of colleagues when ideas are being aired and discussions are taking place – that applies online just as it does in any other part of the working day.  

Yammer is one of many elements of the new intranet that we expect to be well used, with a variety of possibilities opening up through the use of a Microsoft solution. Delve is another of those, which will enable us to find and collaborate with colleagues in new ways and is particularly pertinent given the feedback from previous staff surveys about the difficulties in that respect.  

Please take the time to explore the new site and familiarise yourself with it. Today’s launch is very much the first stage, with opportunities for each of us to help shape the development of the intranet and ensure it meets the needs of the organisation. The success of the new intranet relies on your participation and interactionjoin in straight away by updating your Delve profile and recognising the work of others in the Celebrating Success page, which has been built by colleagues from across the councilThe beauty of our digital platforms is they will constantly improve and change to mirror the journey of the organisation, with the intranet built with that type of iterative approach in mind.  

I appreciate many colleagues have relied on The Zone for different functions and resources. It’s important to stress nothing has been lost and access to the old site has been included as a link from the new intranet.  

I’m confident once you have had the chance to explore the new site there will be no looking back to what has gone before and our new intranet will grow at pace. With plans for more regular updates and easier access for users to post and share information, it promises to be a really exciting step forward in our ambitions to create a more inclusive and engaging environment that supports the focus on Purpose, Pride, Team, Trust and Value.