Taking a strategic approach to … strategy

Strategies, policies, frameworks, protocols, guidance, legislation. In local government, our work is shaped by all of these and more.

It can be a difficult landscape to navigate through and in response to that a very valuable piece of work has been undertaken to streamline our approach.

At the Strategic Commissioning Committee last week, elected members approved a new Strategy Framework to mark a very positive step forward that will benefit us all as employees of the Council.

Led by Fraser Bell and Vikki Cuthbert, supported by a power of work across various clusters, the process has taken a forensic look at the various strategies that shape our work as an organisation.

The report to committee set out  a clean, coherent picture of the strategies of Council  that will support the organisation in delivering its contribution to the outcomes as set out in the Local Outcome Improvement Plan   Whilst also showing the city and regional partnership strategies which contribute to the achievement of the LOIP outcomes.


The report can be viewed here and a recent webinar hosted by Fraser and Martin Murchie touches on strategy and the wider approach. I would encourage you to take the time to read and watch, it’s such an important part of what we are working towards.

My thanks go to everyone who has played a part in the Strategy Framework – a very concise and easy to read report belies the complexity and the level of detail involved in taking us to this stage.

It is integral to the commissioning approach that is being embedded, designed to ensure our resources are aligned to the areas of delivery that will deliver the best outcomes for the city and those we serve.