An appreciative nod to inquisitive colleagues

We have our first Appreciative Inquiry (AI) working group up and running as we embrace a concept that’s new to the Council.

You may have read my previous posts on the approach and I’m pleased to see it gathering pace.

The premise is that we grow as individuals and teams by asking questions and working towards finding the answers. The aim is to shift thinking towards identifying successes and strengths which provide a positive platform to build from, with a structured approach to seeking improvements and solutions.

Nine colleagues have signed-up to take part in the first group, all with something different to bring to the table and with a real enthusiasm for the project. There’s a good mix from different clusters, including from the school community, and that should generate lots of different views and ideas.

The theme for the first foray into the world of Appreciative Inquiry is on recognition and how we can better value each other, with the first meetings already held.

I’m keen for the group to share their experiences and thoughts on a regular basis, so look out for those updates in the weeks and months ahead – as well as the invitation  to all of us to get involved and help shape the work of the group through the Transformation Zone.

By way of introduction, the group comprises:

Pauline Wilkinson, Support Manager, Place, Strategic Place Planning

Gordon McDade, Portfolio Officer, Governance, PMO;

Akeem Babatunde, Residential Practitioner, Operations;

Aneta Mroczynska, Customer Applications Administrator, Customer, Customer Experience;

Greg Davidson, School Technician, Operations, Integrated Children’s and Family Services Services;

Lynn Mutch, Project Officer, Place, City Growth;

Michael Robinson, Quantity Surveying Officer, Resources, Capital;

Bruce Reid, Business Services Manager, Customer, Customer Experience;

Manuela Costa, Clinical Practitioner, Operations, Integrated Children’s and Family Services.

Training is being provided to give everyone an introduction to the principles and practice of Appreciative Inquiry, with the first recommendations expected to come back from the group around the turn of the year.

My thanks go to all those who have volunteered and I’m sure you join me in wishing them well as they set off on an exciting journey.