Team goals realised as Offshore Europe makes its debut at new home ground

Just last week delegates at Offshore Europe were passing through the gates and preparing to enter a whole new world as they got their first experience of The Event Complex Aberdeen.

More than 38,000 visitors attended over the course of four days as the new venue hosted its inaugural major event, with the P&J Live arena and conference facilities coming into their own.

It was a test of the design, of systems, of traffic plans and of staff – and all passed with flying colours. Feedback has been incredibly positive and I sense a real pride throughout the city in what is such a hugely significant development.

Following on from what was a successful week for the city, I must take the opportunity to place on record my thanks to those who have worked tirelessly to realise what was at the outset a very ambitious vision.

Richard Sweetnam, Andrew Win, Scott Ramsay, Steve Whyte, Stephen Booth and John Wilson have led various teams over several years to take the project through design and build to the grand opening.

Special mention to John too for his role as managing agent of the AWPR project, with the bypass a key component of the successful operation of TECA. Aided in no small part by that fantastic infrastructure addition, Doug Ritchie and his colleagues from Mark Reilly’s cluster were able to keep the city moving throughout Offshore Europe and that’s testament to the planning that has been done. Ross Stevenson, Jack Penman, Neale Burrows, Vycki Ritson, Sharon Toseland and Iain Moffat were at the heart of an excellent package of work in relation to travel and traffic management.

A project of the scale of TECA – more than £300m of investment by Aberdeen City Council – involves intricate teamwork not only within our own functions and clusters but with the key partners in delivery. Henry Boot Developments, Robertson Group and operators SMG have been at the heart of the success.

Underpinning those partnerships is a complex and painstaking procurement and legal process, led by Craig Innes and Fraser Bell, which provided a clear framework from the outset. Alison Watson from a legal and contract perspectives and Carol Wright with Ruth Kydd in relation to insurance have all been key players with support from colleagues throughout both commercial and procurement services and legal services.  The legal and commercial foundations were expertly laid before a single spade had gone into the ground on site.

Of course, the funding of the project and financial governance has also been paramount to the success – with Sandra Buthlay, Neil Stewart and Karen Black from Jonathan Belford’s team integral to that aspect of TECA’s delivery.

In Gale Beattie’s Strategic Place Planning cluster our planners at the beginning of the process and building standards team through to the final sign-off have also been instrumental while, from Andrew Howe’s Digital and Technology cluster, Steve Robertson and colleagues were pushed to the fore in ensuring the connectivity and systems were in place and stood up to the rigours of such a large attendance.

Offshore Europe was about far more than providing a world class venue, with our presence through the Invest Aberdeen and World Energy City Partnerships stands part of the ongoing efforts to grow our regional economy.

Richard’s team, with Dawn Schultz and Emma Watt leading the way during the months of preparation, ensured our civic leaders had a meticulous programme for the duration of the show and were able to maximise the opportunities presented by the audience Offshore Europe creates. The Invest Aberdeen flag was flown by Danielle McKinlay, Lynn Mutch, Callum Stewart and James Welsh.

The External Communications cluster was involved in everything from the launch of the venue through to the extensive traffic and travel messaging across social media and the design of exhibition material as well as having a part to play in various elements of the planning and delivery of Offshore Europe and WECP. Shevonne Bruce, Stella Evans, photographer and videographer Norman Adams, Karen Allan, Paul Smith and designers John Smellie, Katrina Angus, Laura McAra and Brenda Reid were among those involved from the team.

The WECP annual general meeting, the culmination of a packed programme for members, was hosted at the Town House to round-off the week, again with fantastic feedback on the professionalism and dedication shown by an array of our colleagues in bringing that important event to fruition. Ishbel Greig, Catherine Seam, Rachael Smillie, Morag McCorkindale as well as civic colleagues Gail Mair and Garry Watson were central to the planning and delivery. There was also a dedicated band of volunteers, drawn from various clusters, who kept the wheels of WECP turning through the week and ensured delegates left with a fantastic impression of our city.

As a final vote of thanks, it’s important to highlight the work done from an emergency planning and perspective. Largely unseen work, it is immensely important.

Mhairi McCowan, as our interim emergency planning and resilience lead, was supported by Fraser as well as our Duty Emergency Response Coordinator for the week Derek McGowan and all Chief Officers in ensuring we were prepared for every eventuality during such as a high-profile event. The comprehensive programme of work from Mhairi included devising and hosting two emergency response exercises, providing vital assurance to us and our fellow Local Resilience Partnership members, and extensive liaison with emergency services.

From protective services there was valuable input from Andrew Morrison, Samantha Bull, Nicola Dunbar, Helen Brady, Courtney Craig, Fiona Harvie, Justine Morrough and Tara Gilchrest. Andy Campbell, Lee Taylor, Bruce McKay and the building management team were also instrumental in supporting emergency planning and facilitating the WECP events.

The contributions of our public sector partners in the emergency services cannot be overstated, with collaboration during the planning stages and throughout the course of the event.

One team, one Council, one city – we can all be very proud of the way we came together to deliver on behalf of the city.