Our pledge to Equally Safe at Work values

I am pleased to have added Aberdeen City Council’s support to the Equally Safe at Work initiative, joining our Co-Leaders in signing an important pledge on behalf of the organisation.

That commitment can be viewed in full here and underlines our role as an employer in advancing equality in the workplace and seeking to prevent violence against women.

Six other local authorities have joined the national pilot project and I hope it provides reassurance to staff that we are integral to this group.

It goes without saying that the aims are for us all to embrace and to hold dear – we’re one team, one council, one city.

As ever we cannot act alone and, particularly in relation to reducing violence against women, our collaborative work with partners, including Police Scotland, is vitally important. That extends beyond our own workforce and into every community across the city.

Signing the pledge is a positive step, but actions speak louder than words. Thank you in advance for your support in ensuring the Equally Safe at Work principles are a reality within the Council and the city.