Back to the future with Digital Skills Week

We might not have the doc’s DeLorean parked up at Marischal College, but there is an opportunity to go back to the future as a legacy of the excellent programme that colleagues in Organisational Development ran for Digital Skills Week from May 13.

I had my first experience of hosting a live webinar, as part of Webinar Wednesday, and it was great to be involved in.

Thank you to everyone who took part on the day and if you didn’t get the chance then there’s still the facility to go back and view at your leisure through Office 365.

So that’s the ‘back’ element covered off, but what about the ‘future’?

The future of the city and Council was at the heart of the session, with the expert input of Martin Murchie, Craig Innes and Jonathan Belford.

The focus was on one of our seven organisational capabilities – managing demand through prevention and early intervention. Of course that links to the other capabilities, notably focussing on outcomes that make a difference.

I hope we provided a good overview of demand management and how it applies not only the organisation but to each of us as individual members of staff. It will be something you hear much more about and we all have a role to play.

It’s a really interesting subject when you scratch beneath the surface and there’s a power of work being done to evolve our approach.

Digital Skills Week was a great way of turning the spotlight on the role technology will play as we continue to make leaps and bounds forward as an organisation.

On a personal level, I’m enjoying exploring new platforms and the first webinar was a case in point. I have to admit I was apprehensive to start with, when you’re more used to face to face events it’s a really strange experience speaking to an audience you can’t see, but I certainly hope to be involved again as webinars become more of a feature across the Council.

We’re a complex organisation, with thousands of staff working different shift patterns and at various different locations inside and out, so communicating to everyone is a real challenge. It’s something we are committed to getting better at and digital tools will help us to do that.