Digital skills and numeracy in the spotlight

I’m delighted the Council will be lending its support to Digital Skills Week (May 13-17) and National Numeracy Day (May 15), with lots of opportunities for everyone to get involved.

The programme for the digital week can be found here and includes events, showcases and drop-in sessions.

Digital skills are the foundation the Council of the future is being built upon and this week is a good chance to shine a light on the way we’re all changing and adapting –  I hope every week will be a digital skills week going forward!

National Numeracy Day promotes skills that are also central to so many of the tasks we carry out as a Council day to day. At its heart there’s a challenge to test your ability with a view to learning and developing. You can find out more here, with links to useful resources.

Both Digital Skills Week and National Numeracy Day are part of growing national campaigns and I’d encourage as many people to take some time to explore the resources available and to support these two initiatives.