A fond farewell to a long serving colleague

I attended a farewell presentation to Lorna Cassie in the Digital and Technology cluster last week and it was lovely to hear how much she meant to colleagues and friends at the Council.

As Lorna prepares for the next adventure, after 36 years of sterling service to the organisation, my own thoughts took me back to November 2013 when I joined the Council as Director of Corporate Governance.

Lorna was one of the first members of staff I met and it’s incredible to think how much has changed in that time, with no sign of that pace slowing.

Long service brings with it tales of the past and the presentation touched on the experiences over that time, particularly the significant reorganisation in the 1990s.

I recognise that many colleagues are choosing to take VSER and therefore farewells are taking place across the Council.

You often hear it said “there’s no future in the past” but it’s important at this time, I think, to celebrate that past and in particular the contributions and achievements of colleagues who are leaving us.

It seems to be human nature that it takes colleagues to leave the organisation before we tell them what they’ve meant to us, but nonetheless it’s important to say it.

So to Lorna and all those colleagues who are moving onto a new chapter in their lives, thank you for all the service you’ve given the city and the Council over many years. We wish you well and hope you look back at your time and colleagues within Aberdeen City Council fondly.