An Inspector Calls

Many of you may be familiar with the classic book and play An Inspector Calls by J. B. Priestley and you’ll recall the intriguing plot of a mystery visitor who calls … or perhaps didn’t.

An inspector definitely appeared this week at the Council, with a lot less intrigue than that of Priestley’s work.

Colleagues from Care Inspectorate have been on site all week as they undertake their inspection of our multi-agency child protection arrangements.

We’ve given the inspectors a strong account of ourselves as a partnership on the work we do together to keep children safe from harm. Of course, we also set out how we wish to continue to improve and us striving to be better is something every child deserves.

Rightly, inspections of this kind require a lot of preparation in order to enable the inspectors to reach their independent conclusions on how we’re doing.

On behalf of the Chief Officers Group – which comprises representatives of the Council, the NHS, Police Scotland and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service – I’d like to thank all staff across the partnership who have supported the inspection process.

I’d like to give a special thanks to Graeme Simpson (ACC), Alex Dowall (Police Scotland) and Caroline Hiscox (NHS Grampian) along with Kymme Fraser (ACC) for all the work they’ve put in.

We’ll get a report card from the inspectors in September and the results will of course be shared with staff and the Public Protection Committee of the Council.

In this case fact is certainly more important than fiction when it comes to the visit of the inspectors and an exercise like this always provides valuable learnings as well as, we anticipate, positive endorsement of the multi-agency approach to protecting young people.