2019/20 budget: Update on report publication

As we near another important milestone in the build-up to the Council budget meeting on March 5, I’m keen to provide a brief update.

As outlined previously, a great deal of work has been carried out to draft the budget report containing the options proposed to bridge the funding gap we face of between £40million and £50m.

The papers will be published next week, with the timings subject to the report being finalised and processed for publication online in the usual manner. When they are available I’ll ensure notification through my blog and by email.

Given the scale of the financial challenge we face for 19/20 there will inevitably be impacts felt across the organisation and the report will provide the first in-depth detail for staff and the wider public.

I’d urge everyone to take the opportunity to read the budget packs when they are available next week and build knowledge on the process that shapes the daily work of the Council – something we’re also attempting to do externally, with a new video led by Jonathan Belford to be shared this week through our social media channels.

I’m committed to providing further context and explanation of the key elements of the budget and will do that at the earliest opportunity when the report is published and also following the decisions made by Council on March 5.