Scottish Government funding settlement confirmed

There has understandably been a great deal of media attention this week as the Scottish Government funding settlements for local authorities have been announced.

Finance colleagues are very busy working through the detail of the settlement and collating thorough analysis.

In the New Year there will be further communications and a video briefing for staff on the detail of the settlement in the context of preparations for our own budget meeting in March. It’s important we build understanding of the finances that underpin everything we do and bring that to life for all staff.

The overarching picture is, as anticipated, one of contracting central funding. That underlines the challenge we face as an organisation in continuing to meet growing demand for our services.

The focus of the transformation we have embarked upon is on ensuring efficient operations which enhance customer experience and allow resources to be directed towards protecting the vulnerable.

That’s a very difficult task and we have to continue working together, evolving and adapting, to keep delivering for all those we serve.

The first phase of our transformation has provided the platform to build for the future and delivered our 2018/19 budget – now we need to stay focused on implementing phases 2-4 as we plan for the next set of budgets. Thanks to everyone for their hard work so far in building that solid base.