Current phase of transformation offers opportunities to shape the Council of the Future

Transformation has been a subject that has been at the top of the agenda since the approval of the Target Operating Model last summer.   

Internally and externally there has been significant discussion, debate and scrutiny of the plans. That conversation is welcome and demonstrates the importance of the journey that we’re on.   

With the first phase of transformation completed over the summer, and the structure bedded in, the full focus is now on Phases 2-4.   

It’s important that we continue to take stock from Phase 1, to discuss with each other and with managers and senior leaders how it felt and what the impacts have been, to make sure that as we move forward with Phases 2-4 improvements are being made in the right areas and in the right ways.   

The leadership team and I have committed to listening carefully to your feedback, to engaging and collaborating at every opportunity, and to move forward in a way which emphasises the value of staff and the contribution you all continue to make.   

I’m excited about the opportunities arising from this approach as we continue through the current period of our transformation – with the focus on embracing technology, working together, and exploring the possibilities that are opening up for the Council as we all seek to improve service delivery for residents, businesses and everyone we serve.  

We will need to look after each other, keep talking about what is working well and what can be done differently and better, and keep each other focussed on the outcomes that we need to achieve.  

Hand in hand with our aim of better meeting the changing needs of the people and the place is a requirement to create more efficient ways of working to ensure financial sustainability in the face of increasingly challenging funding constraints.   

The vision is of a smart city where technology is the driver for a prosperous future for individuals, communities and businesses.  

The projects at the heart of Phases 2-4 of our transformation demonstrate a commitment to innovation. There are a range of ideas and concepts in a comprehensive portfolio and I’d urge everyone to take time to learn more about the plans, which you can find outlined on the Transformation Zone.

These are the projects that have been identified for development – but it is not a definitive list. Some will be added as new technologies emerge, others may be refined or revised as the process gathers pace. The intention is for a very agile and dynamic approach, which will be shaped by those who know our business best, including staff, customers and elected members.   

We all have the opportunity to be a driving force in this positive change. The success of transformation will be amplified with your contribution and engagement, with ideas and input welcome at every stage and in relation to every project.  

The first opportunity for everyone to collectively build our Council of the Future is by shaping our underlying principles and behaviours. You can do this with your manager, with your team or input individually and you will find more information here .  

It is a two-way commitment, with the Council equipped to support employees in growing their skills, building knowledge and developing careers with the Council and partners as the public sector continues to evolve.  

This period of transformation is the most important the Council has ever undertaken and will provide the foundation for our ambitions for the city’s future. Thank you in advance for your support.