Working together with the aim of Being Digital

The way we embrace the possibilities presented by digital technology will be central to the successful transformation of the Council.

I’ve spoken often about the need to build the Council of the future and for all of us as employees to drive that change.

I’m conscious that what that means in practical terms is what matters most to every member of staff across every service and over the months ahead I will provide regular updates on different digital strands to provide some tangible examples of the positive strides we’re taking together.

Before focusing on individual projects in greater detail, I can provide an overview of the progress with the Being Digital strategy which brings all of this important work together.

Being Digital was first established late in 2016 and is designed to take a holistic approach to the Council’s technology challenges and opportunities.

The biggest challenge is the pace with which digital moves – and as such we accept that we can only plan so much. We have a ‘Deliberate Plan’ which encompasses the essentials that we know we must deliver, but equally important is the ‘Emergent Plan’ designed to enable us to be flexible and agile as we embrace new technologies as they appear.

Regardless of how the digital world evolves, the vital element for the Council is the fact the aim will not change – that is to help us to better meet the needs of residents and all those we serve in Aberdeen and to do so in a more efficient and effective way.

Because digital is all around us, we don’t always realise the change that we’re all part of.

This year, for example, we have seen the launch of the new Council website powered by a new Content Management System to provide the foundations for our online presence. An enormous amount of work has gone in to improving the web offering and that work continues.

The roll-out of Office 365 is more recent but just as significant. Access for staff is the first baby step – the real benefits will come as the huge possibilities of Office 365 are put to use by individuals, services and the Council as a whole. There are tools and applications that will change the way we work for the better and I’m eager to see that happen quickly.

Earlier this month the new ServiceNow portal was launched by colleagues in Digital and Technology, colleagues in People and Organisation are doing final testing of a new P&O Anytime online hub that will change the way we access information in that sphere and the programme for the new CoreHR system is gathering momentum as launch moves closer. I’ll focus more on CoreHR and what that means in a separate blog post soon.

In short, there’s lots of activity and the key message is that the Strategic Transformation Committee (STC) has been supportive of the Being Digital strategy, for example backing an enhanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to add functionality in bookings, workflow and integration. The committee has also approved plans to continue to enhance the digital tools for reporting and to bring in a new solution for Master Data Management (MDM).

This is just scratching the surface of the possibilities for the Council – with great opportunities to free up staff time to focus on the most important aspects of service delivery, at the same time delivering important financial savings.

The Digital and Technology team, with support from our digital partner, will work with services to identify opportunities to implement the technology needed to digitise more of the Council’s services.

What we cannot lose sight of is the fact that technology is only advantageous if it is put to good use – and that’s where we all have a crucial role to play.

Training and digital skills development has been a focus for the STC and there is a commitment to ensure that is provided throughout the Council. I make no apologies for repeating the fact that people are our most valuable asset and we must invest in building knowledge and expertise to support the Being Digital ambitions.

A programme of support to get the best from Office 365 is being rolled out and there will be engagement with you and your team to ensure you have the coaching you need. I’m sure the skills and knowledge will build quickly.

I look forward to sharing more information as we continue on the journey – your support, ideas and innovation will be the key to success.

Simplyhealth Great Aberdeen Run returns to the starting blocks

On Sunday August 26th thousands of runners will throng the city centre, preparing to set off on the Simplyhealth Great Aberdeen Run.

Later that day entrants will return to Union Street. Tired and sore but joyous.

I’m proud to say that dozens of Aberdeen City Council colleagues have already signed up to take on the 13.1 mile route round the city.

As a Council we value the transformative power of sport and the role physical activity plays in improving wellbeing.

The Simplyhealth Great Aberdeen Run, entering its second year, is very much a team effort.

The event is delivered in partnership with Aberdeen City Council, VisitAberdeenshire, Aberdeen Inspired, and Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce, and The Great Run Company.

Dozens of volunteers help make the run happen.

Some entrants will be chasing best times and the quickest will have an eye on the top prizes but what impresses most is the camaraderie and infectious enthusiasm across the field and among spectators.

Everyone really does pull as one.

There may be a common goal in completing the half-marathon, 10k or the Family Run (and a medal and T-shirt for everyone!) but there’s a group prize too – the win for Aberdeen itself.

Last year’s event showcased the city in new ways, raised an estimated £900,000 for charity, supported local businesses, and added immeasurably to our sense of individual and civic pride.

In running your city, you run for your city. There’s still time to be part of the spectacle.

  • Enter online by clicking here.



Flying the flag for the city

It gives me great pleasure to share news of yet another Aberdeen success story – and a very fitting one for summer.

The environmental charity Keep Scotland Beautiful has confirmed that the city has been awarded five Green Flags for its outstanding green spaces.

Duthie Park, Hazlehead Park, Seaton Park, Johnston Gardens and – for the first time – Victoria Park were all winners.

The tally of five Green Flags, which recognises excellent management and environmental standards, is the highest number the city has ever achieved in a single summer.

It’s another example of great partnership working and real testament to all the hard work of community volunteers, including Friends of the parks, partners and of course our own staff.

Aberdeen is rightly proud of its renowned green spaces and this is just one more reason to explore and fall in love with your city this summer.

Summer wishes to all at the Council

With the school holidays now in full swing, there’s no mistaking the feelgood factor the summer brings to the city.

On behalf of the leadership team, can I take the opportunity to wish all staff a good break if you have time booked off and to pass on my thanks to those working through the summer to cater for all those we serve.

We’re into peak season for so many of our teams, not least the grounds and parks staff who are catering for growing visitor numbers, and the events team which has had a flurry of activity with the success of the BP Big Screens evening at Duthie Park, the popular Armed Forces Day parade and now the build-up to the Great Aberdeen Run.

Of course, our services run 365 days a year and there’s never a lull in demand or activity, so July and August will continue to be hectic across the Council.

Best wishes to you for the summer, whatever the weeks ahead may bring.

Success stories from throughout the Council

It’s a pleasure to be able to share the many good news stories we have as a Council through my blog and this week I’m taking the opportunity to round-up the latest award wins and project completions.

With summer upon us there’s been a flurry of positive announcements and it gives a real flavour of the work being done in so many different areas of the business.

Just last week the completion of the second of two new schools was marked, with final preparations now being made at Stoneywood School to welcome the first intake of pupils in August. It came just after construction at Lochside Academy was completed and these represent two huge undertakings for the Council – not just financially, but also logistically.

I must express my thanks to the project managers Les Mackie (Stoneywood) and Sharon McNutt (Lochside) for their hard work and of course their fellow team members involved in bringing these projects to fruition. The hard work continues over the summer, with the fit out in full flow now the buildings have been handed over to the Council.

Staying on a construction theme, it is fantastic to see the development of 99 new Council houses at Smithfield now complete and tenants settling in. Again, it’s a project that has been driven by the hard work and energy of officers and it is rewarding for everyone involved to see the way in which it is changing lives in a positive way.

In the Resources function, great credit must go to the Finance team for an achievement that may have gone under the radar.

At the meeting of the Audit, Risk and Scrutiny Committee on June 26 the annual audited accounts were approved – a full three months earlier than the norm for a local authority and a target we have been working to as part of our commitments following the successful bond issue.

It is a truly phenomenal achievement given the scale and complexities associated with the finances of a large city authority.

This vital piece of work was led by finance but enabled by many people across all functions and it is a credit to the organisation as a whole that it has been achieved. The committee was generous in its praise of the accomplishment and I share that appreciation.

Innovation in local government finance was at the heart of the bond issue – and that innovation has continued since, with the accounting systems and processes we now have in place putting, in my view, Aberdeen City Council way ahead of the pack. We’re determined to lead from the front in everything we do.

Colleagues in Finance have rightly been recognised with various awards and that success is flowing through the Council.

In Integrated Children’s and Family Services, Hazel Lynch was named ICT Rising Star at the Holyrood Connect Awards in Edinburgh to round off the term in style.

Hazel was recognised for her work supporting accessibility across education to ensure our young people can access digital tools that are vital to their learning. The next generation hold the key to Aberdeen’s future success and as a Council we have to ensure pupils can embrace the opportunities that digital is opening up – it’s fantastic Hazel’s efforts have been acknowledged nationally.

On the same evening, Council staff Sean Cairney and Mathew Craig were also in the spotlight as finalists for the Gordon Archibald Medal presented at Trinity Hall. Although pipped at the post, it was a great achievement to make the shortlist. The award recognised an HNC built environment project and I know the standard of the submission was excellent.

To continue June’s run of good news, it was confirmed at the end of the month that Aberdeen has achieved the Sustainable Food Cities Award.

We are the first city in Scotland and one of only a handful in the UK to meet the strict criteria and it is a fantastic endorsement of the work of the Sustainable Food City Partnership Aberdeen to promote healthy, sustainable and local food and to tackle social challenges.

Aberdeen City Council is proud to be part of the partnership and I must thank all of the officers who have at the heart of this incredibly valuable initiative.

An awful lot to pack into one post, but all worth sharing. Congratulations and thank you once again to all staff who have played their part.