Update on consultation with trade unions and staff

I would like to update you on our progress made since my last message on 17 April 2018.

Those who may be impacted by this workforce change have now had meetings to notify them of the proposals and have received an explanation of the consultation process with the Trade Unions and individual staff.

The Union consultations were originally due to run from 17-30 April with individual consultations over the first two weeks of May, however at the request of our Trade Union colleagues we have extended our consultation period to 11 May.  As a result the second round of meetings with Chief Officers or another manager in your Service, to discuss the rationale behind the proposals, are now scheduled to start two weeks later on 14 May to align with this new consultation timeline.

The Council continues to follow general good practice in respect of consultation and it is important that all employees are given an opportunity to discuss the information they have as soon as possible, bearing in mind some may not be part of a trade union.

The Transformation Zone has further information on our transformation and support available, however if you have any concerns or require any further information or clarity regarding the process you can also speak with your line manager or Chief Officer.