New website and digital partnership mark positive steps towards the council of the future

The new Aberdeen City Council external website was successfully launched today and I’d urge everyone to take five minutes to familiarise themselves with it.

The cleaner design and more intuitive navigation are the first things that stand out – but there’s also additional functionality and the ability to use the site as the platform for what will be a growing digital presence, giving customers the ability to carry out their business online.

Launch day represents crossing the finish line for the hard working team which has been driving the project behind the scenes, perfecting not only the look and feel as well as the technical detail but also the thousands of pages of content which had to be reviewed and updated before being migrated to the new site. I’d like to thank them for delivering something we can all be proud of.

What it’s important to acknowledge is although we’re across that finish line I mentioned in terms of the site launch, we’re just at the start of the next leg of the journey. The website will continue to evolve and develop, particularly in terms of functionality – so there’s no suggestion this is the finished article, but a fantastic foundation to build from.

It has been an important week for the Council, with the site launch following on from the conclusion on Monday of the process to appointment a digital partner to support our ambitions for the future.

North-east company Incremental and international specialists PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) will begin to work with all of us as we continue to improve services for our customers.

This digital partnership is important to Aberdeen residents and businesses, our public sector partners and, of course, staff.

Click through to the Transformation Zone to find out more about the digital partnership, with more information to follow over the coming days and weeks.