Make your voice heard

With the consultation on the next phase of transformation now underway, I cannot stress enough how important it is you take this opportunity to have your say.

The Interim Functional Structure can be found here and there is an accompanying link to submit feedback.

We have already had a strong response to the engagement events held around the Target Operating Model and my hope is that we will continue to see this input grow from all areas of the organisation.

Please do take the time to consider the latest material and to play your part in shaping the way this moves forward.

All comments we receive through the feedback channels will be recorded, analysed and included as part of the final proposal for an Interim Functional Structure that will go to Full Council in December.

It is encouraging that I have already been answering very pertinent questions, showing that people are really drilling down into the detail and building an understanding of the process we are undertaking. The consultation period is a platform for every individual to make their voice heard.