Improving our service to our customers

One of our key achievements over the last year, has been the introduction of our Customer Service Charter and Standards.  The recent Employee Opinion Survey highlighted that 61% of Aberdeen City Council team members had heard of the Charter, so whilst we have some way to go still to achieve that elusive 100% , there have been a couple of really good initiatives/feedback recently where our commitment to the Charter and Standards has been exemplified.

First of all, some of you may have seen the new uniforms that our Customer Service team members have started to wear at the Marischal College Customer Service Centre and at our Customer Access Points across the City.  The feedback on the new attire has been really positive from both customers and other team members alike and is a really good opportunity to improve the consistency of how the Council presents itself to its customers and to ensure easy identification of staff.  A great link to the ‘Here to help you…’ theme on the Charter and the Commitment to ‘Be available and visible to you’.

The second area relates to the same theme of ‘Here to help you … ‘ and particularly under the ‘Employ people who demonstrate behaviours that will deliver excellent customer service’ .  Below is just a snap shot of some of the positive feedback from our customers about some of our team members in the Customer Service Centre and also in the Corporate Contact Centre:

Customer satisfaction survey comments for Customer Service Advisers within the Customer Service Operational teams:-

“The service couldn’t have been better.  I spoke to a person called Becky who was very, very clear and precise and told me exactly what I needed to do. I was very pleased with the whole service.  Thank you.”

“Callie was extremely helpful and has great customer service skills.  An enjoyable experience.”

“I was served today by Lorraine for my Council Tax.  She was extremely, extremely helpful and extremely understanding.  She set up a payment plan for me, knew what she needed to do and how to do it.  Really good experience.  I just wanted to give her this feedback.”

“The man I spoke to called John was very nice, very pleasant, very helpful, we had a wee chat and he was very helpful and very efficient.  The call was perfect.”

“Particularly nice man spoke to me in repairs.  His name was Steve.  I’m not very well just now and he was very nice and helpful.”

It’s tremendously pleasing to see customer appreciation of our efforts.  It provides a great boost to continue to seek improvements not just in Customer Service itself but right across the Council.