Saying “thank you and well done” – Star Awards 2016

What a fantastic time last night at the Beach Ballroom for the 2016 Star Awards. Thank you so much to the Projects Team for all their hard work bringing together such a superb event – Gail Woodcock, Grace Milne, Gordon McDade, Tara-Erin Gilchrist, Fiona Cochrane, Mo Wasi, Paula Fullerton, David Leslie and Carol Wright.

Congratulations to our winners this year:

People’s Champion – Davie Henderson

Collaboration – Waste and Recycling Team

Shining Star – Scott Bruce

Innovation – Northfield Total Place Project

Shaping Aberdeen Culture – Doug McKenzie

Rising Star – Erica Manfroi

Well done to all, and well done too to those shortlisted and those nominated.

As I said in my opening remarks last night:

“I’d just like to pause and reflect on just how important it is to acknowledge the work that Council colleagues do across the City 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  It’s tremendous to have an evening like this as an annual highpoint celebrating the work, effort, commitment and service delivered by individuals and teams in order to make a real difference to people’s lives here in Aberdeen.

We’ll certainly celebrate with tonight’s winners.

But I think it’s just as important for us to ensure that during each of the other 364 days in the year we all take the time to say thank you.  Working for the Council, we’re all public servants and I think we all know that it can sometimes be a thankless task.  I’m not saying my office never receives e-mails providing compliments on what the Council does, but they can be so rare that each one that arrives is memorable! 

And before anyone says it, I know this is not because we never do a good job – it’s because that when we don’t, it can be a cause for complaint.

Good work, first-class service can go unacknowledged and unremarked, that’s why I passionately believe that we should acknowledge it, we should remark on it year-round whenever and wherever we see it.”