VSA Sing, sing, sing

Every best wish to the Council’s choir taking part in the VSA’s 2 songs, 3 months, 1 performance amateur choir competition at the Beach Ballroom this Sunday evening.


(photo credit – VSA)

The Bonnie Achord choir is a group of enthusiastic singers from the Council, Bon Accord Care, the University of Aberdeen and friends.  The merry band is led by their superb Choir Director, Gordon Jack and has been meeting up on Thursdays at Aberdeen Grammar School and Marischal College to practise their two songs arranged by Gordon.  Bonnie Achord will be singing a love song from Elton John and an upbeat Neapolitan folk song.

Singers include:

Sopranos: Elaine Falconer, Ella Towns, Emily Anderson, Erica Manfroi, Grainne Casey, Ottavia Benedicenti, Pam Burney, Rachel Van Huuksloot

Altos: Coilia Virdee, Debbie Cormack, Eleanor Wilson, Ethel Stewart, Gemma Mowat, Jacqui Curtis, Lorna Cassie, Lynsey Rae, Sandra Jamieson, Yasmin Thomaneck de Olayzola

Tenor/ Bass: Devon Thompson, Nicholas Asante-Ampaduh

If you’d like to donate to the VSA here’s the Bonnie Achord choir fundraising page.

Tickets for the VSA choir concert on Sunday 15th May

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To learn more about VSA see this video.