Budget 2016/2017

A short note to say a huge thank you to everyone who played a part over the past few months in bringing together all the details presented to the Council yesterday in relation to next year’s budget.

Led by Steve Whyte and his Finance team, it’s been a massive undertaking involving colleagues from every service across the Council and I think we have every right to be proud of the way we have worked together to develop the options placed before the elected members for decision.  You’ll find more information on the Zone about what the Council has now agreed and the details of next year’s budget will be shared with teams over the coming weeks, but for me the headlines are:

  • the conditions set by the Scottish Government in relation to the grant settlement have been met
  • the £10.3 million reduction in funding received from the Scottish Government has been addressed
  • adjustments to our budget spend have been made to absorb additional cost pressures of £16.8 million
  • non-earmarked reserves of £11.3 million have been maintained
  • budget savings of £2.4 million have been made
  • no Council jobs have been lost

In the coming financial year the Council will spend in excess of £450 million delivering services to the people of Aberdeen and over the coming five years we will deliver a capital programme of developments totalling in excess of £550 million.

Of course, we’re all very well aware that further downward pressure on the Council’s finances, like those of the entire public sector, is on its way and as a result we’ll all need to turn our attention very soon to the challenges of 2017/2018 and beyond.

For now though, job well done for 16/17.