The ideas are flowing…

8 weeks, 62 ideas, 600 users, 21,000 page hits it’s fair to say that the new Ideas Hub has been well received…

The Ideas Hub is the online platform that replaced ‘Employee Voice’.  The Hub offers staff the opportunity to put forward ideas focusing on our triple aims:- improving customer experience, improving staff experience and making better use of our resources.  The Hub aims to encourage engagement, collaboration and change.  It empowers staff, teams and services to have their say and create solutions to challenges we face within the triple aims.

And it’s totally transparent.  You can join in the collaboration on any idea and, using the Tracker Board, follow its journey from defining the idea through to its delivery.

At one of my recent Shaping Aberdeen events, I challenged staff to get out there and meet Heads of Service to get to know a bit about who they are and what they do.  I’m delighted to say that Linda Munro, one of our frontline Customer Service Assistants, picked up this challenge, posted it on-line and, as a result, it will be the first idea to be delivered through the Hub.  So, a huge thank you to Linda and to the Heads of Service who signed up for this!

Further details of the ‘Get to Know A Head of Service’ event can be found on The Zone.  I hope as many of you as possible will join our first volunteer, Simon Haston, for a coffee, a Q&A session and a quick fire question round.  Look out for more details of other Heads of Service events soon.

I’m really pleased so many colleagues from across the organisation have taken the time to put forward ideas and have their say on others’.  I’d encourage everyone to approach ideas in the same positive manner and with a “How can we …” mindset.  So if you haven’t logged on yet – give it a go – and let’s get some more great ideas off the ground.

You’ll find the links on the Home Page of The Zone and Glow.  To get the best experience of the Hub please use it through Google Chrome.  I’ll be updating you regularly on its progress and hope that we can all continue to share in its success.