Cults Academy

The day begins with a feeling of tremendous sadness following yesterday’s heart-breaking events at Cults Academy.  The anguish being suffered by parents, family and friends is unimaginable and I am certain I speak for us all in expressing the deepest sympathy to them.

I know that Anna Muirhead and her team at the school are putting everything possible in place to ensure pupils, parents and staff are provided with the support necessary at such a difficult time.  I pay tribute to her and to them.  I know that there were individual acts of heroism at the school yesterday and I fully appreciate that there were sights and experiences for many that you simply do not expect to have to face. 

The school community is being supported by colleagues from Education and Children’s Services, from across the Council and from partners, in particular Police Scotland, and I want to put on record now my appreciation of everything that has been done to date and my grateful thanks for the work that will be done in the coming days and weeks.

Pausing briefly for reflection, it strikes me that it is precisely because yesterday’s appalling incident and its tragic consequences are so out of the ordinary for Aberdeen that they are so very shocking for us all.  There will be difficult days ahead, but I will always be keeping this at the forefront of my mind.