Transport Fleet and the Traffic Commissioner

I didn’t want the working week to end without me putting on record my appreciation of the hard work of all staff, trades union partners and managers who have been involved in implementing together the extensive programme of improvement activity at the transport fleet that has been underway since the Council was called before the Traffic Commissioner at the end of last year.

You will be aware that the situation the Commissioner highlighted was very poor and a number of major challenges needed to be addressed effectively but swiftly to ensure that we could continue to operate.  I am very impressed by the way this very difficult situation has been tackled and it was gratifying to hear this week the Traffic Commissioner’s recognition of the progress that has been made.  Much remains to be done, but I am confident that the team will now push on and ensure that in the not too distant future our fleet operation is recognised as being exemplary.

One final note I need to add is a personal thank you to Mark Reilly for his tireless leadership of this work.  I am very grateful to him for the determined way he has ensured that the much needed improvement has been and is being achieved.