Shaping Aberdeen – City Centre Masterplan

Following last week’s Council decision to move ahead with the new AECC and with the Aberdeen City Region Deal being considered by Council later this week, I now write about another major, long-term strategic initiative which is about to enter the final phase of consultation before going to Council in May.

As you will know from previous blogs, over the past year the City Centre Masterplan team have been working with individual members of the public, groups, partners and stakeholders gathering feedback on how we can best support the development of the City Centre for the benefit of those who live and work in Aberdeen as well as those who visit.

I now write to invite you to take the opportunity to share your views on proposals for the City Centre which could help deliver an additional 11,000 jobs and add £290 million to the city’s annual income.  Feedback is sought between the 12th and 29th of March.

The projects include:

  • Queen’s Square: The transformation of the Queen Street area into a new mixed-use urban quarter;
  • Castlegate/Castlehill: A vibrant public square reinvigorating Castlegate/Castlehill;
  • Denburn Valley: The reawakening of the Denburn Valley as the setting for a new generation of city living;
  • Heart of the City: Union Street gets the space it deserves through pedestrianisation of part of Aberdeen’s historic main street;
  • Union Street West: A contemporary business/retail/leisure feel to the west end of Union Street and the renovation of Golden Square and Bon Accord Square as accessible green spaces;
  • Station Gateway: A much enhanced gateway and better pedestrian routes to and from the railway station radically improving first impressions of Aberdeen;
  • South Dee: A new pedestrian bridge across the Dee to link to a new residential community at South Dee and enhanced riverside promenade;
  • North Dee: A significant new office and business quarter at North Dee.

More information is available on the City Centre Masterplan website pages.

The delivery of the Masterplan will be a major undertaking involving many of the Council’s Services and Teams over a period of many years. I am very keen to hear your views on this as a member of staff about what we need as a Council to make this happen, in particular relating to:

  1. Technical restrictions on delivery
  2. Capability to deliver
  3. Capacity to deliver

Give me your own thoughts and/or discuss with your colleagues and give me a team response, by sending a message to Louise MacSween –

As I said in my blog last week, I will be referring to the responses I receive from Council colleagues in my report to Council in May.

You may of course also wish to share your views on the proposals as a member of the public and the best way to do this will be through the upcoming programme of consultation events where the multi-million pound proposals will be showcased in and around Aberdeen from 14th to 29th March.

Further information will be available through e-mail, on the Zone and in further posts on this blog.  I urge you to take the chance to get involved.