Out and about

As we move towards the New Year, thoughts are beginning to turn to the diary for 2015. One of the commitments I’ve asked my office to make for me is to ensure that I have time each month to make visits to colleagues at their places of work across the City as well as around Marischal College and the Town House.

Most recently I have followed up a visit I made to the staff at Duthie Park with one to colleagues working at Hazlehead Park.  I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet the teams working on planting schemes at the park and those undertaking tree works there.  It was encouraging to hear of the plans there are for the park, the tremendous partnership working underway with the Friends of Hazlehead Park group and the exciting links being made with the local schools and others.  I’m looking forward to visiting again to hear about progress, although I might try for a summer’s day rather than one in deepest December.

In the meantime I’ve accepted an invitation from Steven Shaw to visit Seaton Park early in the New Year to find out more about what he and his teams are doing there.

If you and your colleagues would like to invite me to visit you where you work, have a word with your manager and drop my office a line at chiefexecutive@aberdeencity.gov.uk