Shaping Aberdeen – sharing services

I’m pleased to report that yesterday’s Finance, Policy and Resources Committee agreed the proposal that Steve Whyte, the Council’s Head of Finance is also to become the senior finance officer for Shetland Islands Council.

He will be jointly employed by the two councils and will provide financial oversight and leadership to both.  The arrangement provides a tremendous opportunity to both the City Council and Shetland Islands Council to enhance our existing working relationship and to ensure a two-way sharing of expertise and knowledge.

Shared service arrangements such as this are going to become more and more important within the public sector over the coming years as resources are reduced.  The Corporate Management Team is committed to exploring such options wherever and whenever they emerge and taking to elected members those proposals which we think provide the most beneficial impact across our three key touchstones – customer experience, staff experience and our use of resources.

Being open to the potential to share services with others offers really exciting opportunities to innovate and to transform the way we do business.