At the end of a week where the food options available at lunchtimes in the Council’s schools have made news, I write to let you know that given the feedback there has been to the changes made to school lunch menus introduced last month, a further review is now being undertaken to look at how we might balance the various requirements of attractive food choices, health eating criteria and food labelling regulations. 

While this review is undertaken the sandwich option will return to the school lunch menu. 

Pete Leonard, John Quinn and I had a very positive meeting this morning with Tommy Campbell of Unite and discussed the issues that have been raised during the week.  I am pleased to confirm that managers are committed to working in partnership with members of the catering team and their trades unions to identify and resolve any staffing matters that may arise as a result of any menu changes. 

Views on our school meal provision are always welcome and feedback is actively sought.  If you wish to share your own views or those of your friends, family or school pupils themselves please send them to