The Referendum

It can’t have escaped your notice that polling day for the Scottish Independence Referendum is rapidly approaching.

David Gow and the Elections Unit are putting in place all the necessary arrangements for Aberdeen’s 224 polling stations and our count venue at RGU:Sport.  A team of over 850 staff has now been assembled in order to deliver the referendum in the City.

The first distribution of some 35,000 ballot paper packs to those registered for a postal vote began on Tuesday this week and we received our first call on Wednesday morning from a concerned voter needing clarification on how to deal with the paperwork.  Voting is underway!  We’ll be processing postal ballots at the Town House in the run up to 18th September.

I fully appreciate that while many of us have a direct role to play in delivering the referendum, many more colleagues do not.  However, it is important for all of us working for the Council to recognise that we are now within the 28 day pre-poll period and under the terms of the legislation that established the referendum there are a number of onerous obligations placed on us not to promote or express support for either side of the campaign.  There is a guidance note for all staff available on the Council’s website and I ask you and your colleagues to remind yourself of the do’s and don’ts particularly in relation to wearing badges etc. at work and displaying promotional materials in or on Council property (both major don’ts!).

If you have any concerns or questions about any of the guidance please speak to your line manager.  Ciaran Monaghan in OCE will also provide advice on issues raised.