Welcome to the world of work – follow up

I am really pleased that the internship scheme for young people that I wrote about in my last blog has had such an impact both inside and outside the Council.

Carole Jackson (Housing & Environment) sent me the following message having read the blog:-

I think this is a great initiative giving these young people an opportunity that is more easily available to those in more fortunate circumstances, and it was very heartening to read.  I wondered if it could be enhanced by giving these young people  some assistance and coaching  in completing job and college applications and  interview techniques, to help them find something more permanent after their internship ends.  This could  be offered through the Council’s HR service, third sector organisations, or the Joint North East Public Sector Mentoring Scheme.  I am one of the mentors in the mentoring scheme and would happily undertake any further training needed to be able to provide mentoring to young or unemployed people in this capacity – as I am sure would many of the other volunteer mentors.

But even as it stands, a great idea – well done to all concerned!

Kiemon is now in touch with Carole and the scheme continues to evolve and expand. 

Team work in action.