Welcome to the world of work

A tremendous end to the week as I joined the Council Leader, elected members, trades union officials and Council colleagues at the Kittybrewster depot to launch our new scheme designed to help young people looked after by the local authority into the world of work.  Pairs of young people are being given the opportunity to take part in 12-week supported work placements introducing them to a range of trades including fleet maintenance, plumbing, carpentry, joinery, electrical work and painting and decorating.

I’m passionately committed to ensuring that we in the Council excel in fulfilling our role as corporate parents and I am very proud that we have been able to introduce this new programme of activity.  It’s a superb example of partnership working between Directorates and with trades union colleagues and is testament to what we can achieve together when we share the goal of making a difference for the people we are here to serve.

I must also say how impressed I am at how quickly colleagues were able to progress the scheme from an idea to the point where two young people will be turning up for their first day at the depot.  On 24 June, following a visit to the Willows Children’s Home I suggested to Maxine McGlinchey  (Social Care & Wellbeing) and Kiemon Stewart (Housing & Environment) that they might be able jointly to bring together an internship scheme.  On Monday 28 July the scheme begins.  Fantastic work by Max and Kiemon and everyone else who has played a role in making this exciting project a reality.